Super Models Take It Off For Climate Change Commercial

Super Models Take It Off For Climate Change Commercial

Scientists found out that the upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere is 350 parts per million. No wonder that this number became a brand for the new’s Global Day of Climate Action environmental campaign.
To properly illustrate that people all around the world have one goal, to reduce CO2 from 390 parts per million that we have today to needed 350, they have chosen a simple, easily understandable and, let’s be honest, an eye-catching way. A number of super models are taking off their clothes and the number is decreasing from 390 to 350 at which point super models have only their underwear on.
You will probably need to watch this more than once, in case you get distracted and miss the point.

Some of the models: Rachel Alexander, Shannon Click, Hanne Gaby, Olya Ivanisevic, Alla Kostromicheva, Heidi Mount, Crystal Renn, Rianne Ten Haken, and Nicole Trunfio.

Conceived by Cameron Russell
Directed by Damani Baker
Produced by Cameron Russell and Alex Vlack
Edited by Casey Brooks
Music by The Teenage Prayers

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  1. Green Girl at 11:29 AM

    Global Warming and Climate Change is the biggest environmental issue that we face these days. the long term effects of these environmental changes to a nations economy is quite damaging. there would be a shortage in food supply as well as on water supply too ….

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