SulAmérica Home Insurance: Wild Pets

Wild Pets

Wild Pets


SulAmérica‘s Home Insurance clients have to renew their contracts every year. So the objective was to encourage home insurance renewal. Our mission was to keep 80% of the clients even with the increase in the insurance price.

Creative Solution

The creative solution was based on a very unusual database information. In our country it is very popular for people have pets like birds, turtles and so on.

As we know shich pets clients have in their houses, we created illustrated plates deoicting their pets, showing that people who have SulAmérica Home Insurance do not need to have watch dogs to protect their home.

We sent 5000 direct mail piece and 85% renew the contract. It‘s 30% more that the last year‘s retention direct mail piece.


Total Investment – $20,000
Impacts – 5000 people
Sales – 4249
Total profit: $3,903,768.75
ROI – 19,419%

Released: May 2009
Client: SulAmérica Home Insurance
Agency: Sun/MRM, Brasil.
Country: Brasil

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  1. Mohammed Hughes at 4:16 AM

    After the Typhoon Katrina incident, we always make sure that our home is always insured that is why we always get premium home insurance. “.

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