Subway Video: Eggsical

Subway Video: Eggsical

Subway and advertising agency McKinney have made this amusing musical video entitled “Eggsical”.

The animated ad features Egg and his epic performance. The company promotes its sandwich that includes eggs in it and suggests that it is not food for breakfast only but for lunch, as well.

The Subway’s spokesman said, that they were “very happy with the campaigns we saw during The Pitch”, but “at this time, we are not going to be showing or utilizing any of those in conjunction with our breakfast activity”.

Watch the video and tell us if you enjoyed it.


Agency: McKinney
Client: Subway
Director: Dan & Jason
Production Company: Hornet, Inc.
Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Cude
Art Director: Erynn Sweeney
CW: David McClay
Producer: Naomi Newman
EP: Michael Feder
Producer: Zack Kortright
Editor: Anita Chao
Composer: Andrew Feltenstein
Composer: John Nau

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