Subaru Commercial: Jackknife

Subaru Commercial: Jackknife

Carmichael Lynch has made a commercial for Subaru cars.

The funny ad features dogs. It shows the group of dogs that have driven to the nature in Subaru. One of them is trying to navigate a canoe to the river while other two are unsuccessfully trying to direct him. The commercial ends with an announcement “Dog Tested. Dog Approved”.

The video is part of a larger campaign. The dogs are suppose to demonstrate the free and adventurous spirit of a Subaru owner. According to the Carmichael Lynch agency, “Like Subaru owners, dogs share the love of adventure that comes to life behind the wheel of a Subaru. From backcountry skiing to a day at the beach shredding waves, these four-legged friends grab all the gusto out of life they can, and just like their human counterparts, sometimes that works out and sometimes it doesn’t”.

Watch this funny video and let us know if you liked it.


Title “Jackknife”
Agency Carmichael Lynch, Inc.
Directed by The Hoffman Brothers
City Minneapolis
Date of First Publication 1/2012
Advertiser Subaru
Brand Subaru of America
Business Sector Cars

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