Stride Commercial: The Ex

Stride Commercial: The Ex

Stride and London’s creative agency Wieden + Kennedy have launched this funny video commercial entitled “The Ex”.

The video features a guy who is hanging out at the cafe when his ex-girlfriend comes in. He panics and does not know how to approach her. He takes a piece of Stride Gum and then the video takes a funny turn and becomes kind of an epic film.

“We chatted to a load of gum chewers,” said creative director Sam Heath. “A common theme was how gum gives you just a little boost of confidence, a little nudge to be more comfortable, more ‘yourself’ in any situation. It’s a little bit epic in that way. It helps you be a little more epic sometimes, and I suppose the gum is itself a little piece of epic-ness.”

Watch the video and tell us what you think about it.


Client: Stride/Kraft Foods
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, London
Creative Director: Sam Heath
Creative team: Max Batten & Ben Shaffrey
Agency Producer: Anna Smith
Media planning: Horizon Media
TV Production Company: Traktor / Partizan
Director: Traktor
Executive Producer:  Richard Ulfvengren
Offline Editors:
Editor: Rick Russell – Final Cut
Post Production:
Lead Flame Artist: Kamen Marcov
Telecine: Paul Harrison
Sound Studio:
Engineer: Jack Sedgwick at Wave
Music, Library music:
‘Dixie’ – Christopher Ashmore. Audio Network
‘Making Progress’ –  Laurence Zack. Music House ltd
Website Production: Amauta Lab

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  1. Cheryl at 5:12 PM

    Who are the actress and actor in the “Stride – A Little Bit Epic” commercial? AND where/what store did the actresses’ dress come from?

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