Stella Artois Black – Experience 60s On The Night Chauffeur

Stella Artois Black – Experience 60s On The Night Chauffeur

To celebrate the launch of its new premium lager in the UK, Stella Artois, which is well known for its dedication to vintage movies and the artistic culture of the 60s, is hosting a series of interactive theater events called “The Night Chauffeur”. For two weeks 10 bars in London are be transformed to a stylish and sophisticated nouvelle vague film setting.

Customers purchasing Stella Artois Black at the selected bars November 4-14 were given an invitation card which needed to be filled in and returned to the bar tender in order to receive an invitation. An email was sent to the prospects asking them to confirm the venue and book the tickets. When the tickets to the The Night Chauffeur were released, the participants received an email to reclaim two tickets to the venue they choose. The only problem is that the number of invitations was limited and if you really wanted to come, you had be quick.The events are hosted November 14-25.

Participant will be plunged into the mysterious and intriguing world of the Night Chauffeur – filled with femme fatales, secret exchanges and unanswered questions. Passengers begin in the bar, a phone on the bar rings, the barman calls out their name and a chauffeur leads you to a 1960s Citroen DS. He takes you on a trip through the streets of the city, but also through time, back to the 1960s. Surrounded by actors, passengers become key players in the story unfolding around them, for an unforgettable experience.

Launched: November, 2010
Client: Stella Artois
Product: Stella Artois Black
Advertising agency: Mother London
Country: United Kingdom

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