State Farm Insurance Commercial with Lebron James: Memories

State Farm Insurance Commercial with Lebron James: Memories

Lebron James

State Farm Insurance continues its marketing relationship with LeBron James (watch State Farm Insurance Commercial Garage with Lebron James), through an integrated campaign supporting the company’s sponsorship of LeBron’s James new movie “More Than A Game”. This movie tells the true story of five talented young basketball players, including LeBron James, and their journey from Akron, Ohio, to the national high school championship.

The new Memories commercial, created by Translation, was shot using the actual coach and team members from LeBron’s high school. No detail was ignored, from shooting backgrounds in the actual Saint Vincent’s/Saint Mary’s gym in Akron, to getting the actual jerseys from Buchtel, their biggest rivals. In the end, Memories is about how there is nothing more important than being there.

Watch “Memories” commercial below and also check where you can find behind the scenes, never-before-seen documentary footage.

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