State Farm Ad “Magic Jingle LeBron’s Rumble” with LeBron James & Aldis Hodge

State Farm Ad “Magic Jingle LeBron’s Rumble” with LeBron James & Aldis Hodge

State Farm has launched a new commercial featuring Miami Heat forward LeBron James and an American actor Aldis Hodge. In the commercial we see LeBron James and Aldis Hodge argue over blame for an auto accident. We may never know how did Miami Heat star and his buddy smash an SUV into a mail box, but everything’s ok because they are covered by State Farm. State Farm agent arrived after Aldis sings the State Farm jingle “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there” and helps handle the situation. State Farm is there and working, even while the boys bicker with small violins and large binkeys.

Released: Martch 2011
Client: State Farm Insurance
Title: Magic Jingle / LeBron’s Rumble
Agency: Translation – New York
Country: United States

Full Credits:
Advertising Agency: Translation – New York, NY
Exec Creative Director: Jason Peterson
Creative Director: Seth Jacobs
Creative Director: Howard Jordan
Producer: Brian Schierman
Art Director: Benny Jackson
Art Director: Adrian Saker
Senior Copywriter: Christian Jackson

Production Company: Smuggler – Hollywood, CA
Director: Renny Maslow
DP: Anthony Wolberg

Editorial Company: Cut + Run – New York, NY
Editor: TG Herrington
Assistant Editor: Alex Dondero
Producer: Ashley Carrier

Composite/Conform: Ralph Scaglione

Telecine: Company 3 – New York, NY
Colorist: Tim Masick and Tom Poole

Graphics: Dress Code – New York, NY
Partners: Andre Andreev and G. Dan Covert

Audio Post: Sonic Union – New York, NY
Engineer: Michael Marinelli
Producer: Justine Cortale

Music Production Company: Duotone Audio Group – New York, NY
Executive Producer: Amy Sheldon

Talent: LeBron James & Aldis Hodge

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