State Farm Commercial: State of Detention

State Farm Commercial: State of Detention

State Farm and advertising agency DDB from Chicago have launched this amusing short video ad.

The thirty second spot takes place at grade school, where kids are being visited by some of the professionals, who supposedly should help them choose their career path. The video features the NFL’s Most Valuable Player, Aaron Rodgers. Cool on the pitch, however Rodgers faces real problems answering the questions: the kids seem to be really smart these days.

Watch this video and have a good laugh.


Agency: DDB, Chicago
Ewan Paterson, Chief Creative Officer
Barry Burdiak, Group Creative Director
John Hayes, Group Creative Director
Kevin Goff, Associate Creative Director
Chad Broude, Writer/AD
Scott Kemper, Executive Producer
Diane Jackson, Executive Director of Integrated Production
Kim Brun, Account Director
Arts & Sciences, Production Company
Matt Aselton, Director
Cutters, Edit Company
Grant Gustafson, Editor

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