Staples Commercial: Screensaver

Staples Commercial: Screensaver

The office furniture brand Staples and creative agency DAVID have just launched a hilarious commercial entitled “Screensaver”.

The advertisement features a secretary and her colleague waiting for the important guests to come. Her boss notices that a computer desktop is very messy. So she suggests to put a screensaver on. He also notices that the shelves do not look well either. As well as the chairs. So she turns the screensaver on those too. A simple technical effect results in a funny commercial.

Watch the video and tell us what you think.


Agency: DAVID
Client: Staples
ECD: Joaquin Cubria
ECD: Analia Rios
CD: Matias Lafalla
CD: Ramiro Gamallo
AD: Ricardo Casal
CW: Juan Javier Pena
Production Company: argentinacine
Director: Rafael Lopez Saubidet
Photography Director: Julian Ledesma
Producer: Nano Tidone
Producer: Marcos Landajo
Editor: Agustin De Vittorio
Post Production: Aldo Ferrari
Post Production: Luli Jimenez
Date: May 14, 2012
Category: TVC

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