Betting Commercial: Sports Bet On The Net (Caveman story) Betting Commercial: Sports Bet On The Net (Caveman story)

A great funny commercial for After Australian government has relaxed legislations, the internet became flooded with similar sounding names of betting websites. So Leo Burnett in Melbourne was asked to get the into the mind of consumers. The video takes us to a historic trip, telling tha the sport appeared first, after bets and now the Internet.


Agency: Leo Burnett Melbourne, Australia
Released: October, 2009
Country: Australia
Production Company: Film Construction
Director : Steve Saussey
Executive Creative Director: Jason Williams
Head of Art: David Klein
Senior Copywriter: Brendan Greaney
Copywriter: Andrew Woodhead
Agency Producer: Beaver
Producer: Sacha Hodgson
Client Personnel: Cormac Barry, David Galbally, Brian Mannix

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  1. Greg at 11:59 AM

    How do I place a bet on the Heatcote District Football League and is thre any limit on how much-i am talking around $2000 on Heathcote last years premiers

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