Spec promo commercial for HBO Boxing After Dark “I Still Have a Soul”

Spec promo commercial for HBO Boxing After Dark “I Still Have a Soul”

The spec promo commercial to promote the Boxing After Dark. Boxing After Dark is an HBO boxing program that usually shows fights between well-known contenders, but usually not “championship” or “title” fights. This is where fighters are given their start to become famous.

This commercial titled “I Still Have a Soul”, written and directed by Contraband (Liam O’Neill & Jason Koburov) is almost a short film with no dialogue conveys an overwhelming emotion, telling the story of a man lost in the world and that is in fulfillment of a dream. Film centers on a homeless man, played by Wil Sylvince, who is looking to better himself, raising money every which way he can in order to pay for training as a boxer at a local gym. We get glimpses of his life on the streets, his makeshift sleeping accommodations near train tracks, and the various means he uses to make a living-or in this case to graduate to some semblance of a livelihood in the boxing ring.

HBO - I Still Have A Soul

For tech specs – the gym scenes were shot with RED, and the street shots were shot with the Canon 7-D.

Client: HBO
Directors: Liam O’Neil and Jason Koburov (Contraband)
Writers: Liam O’Neil and Jason Koburov (Contraband)
Editors: Liam O’Neil and Jason Koburov (Contraband)
Producer: Rob Conticelli
Directors of Photography: Nicholas Montalvo and Chase Bowman
Associate Producers : Dave Steele and John Labate
Starring: Wil Sylvince

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  1. snurster at 7:27 PM

    Everyday is a fight, believe in yourself is the first step to success…

    Thanks you paradisesquarefilms for this life lesson.

  2. Im a boxer at 2:51 AM

    I totally agree with paolo27, this should be a movie!

  3. Gawn at 11:31 PM

    from who do i get permission to upload the AMAZING vid on a facebook page of mine??

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