SPCA Commercial: Sexy Cat

SPCA Commercial: Sexy Cat

Montreal’s SPCA and creative agency Bos launched this funny commercial called “Sexy cat”.

We get to watch a gorgeous cat on a bed. As we watch how it is doing its casual duties flirtatiously, we get to read some information. The advertisement says how many sexual partners this cat had and how frivolous he is. According to the ad, Sultan is an irresponsible playboy, but his owner is worse.

The campaign is directed towards pet owners. It educates people how important it is to sterilize their pets. A lot of cats become homeless and have a hard life due to an overpopulation, especially
in Montreal.

Watch this video and tell us if you like it.


Advertising Agency: Bos, Canada
Creatives: Isabelle Giguère, Hugo Léger, Amy Maloney
Director: Olivier Ménard
Production: Bos
Account services: Simon Essiambre
Music: David Hodge/Finger Music – Brent Carter

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