Sony Video: The Last of Us

Sony Video: The Last of Us

Sony and advertising agency 180 Amsterdam have released this striking video ad recently.

The commercial promotes its latest video game “The Last of Us”. The spot features a man, who is at his home. The voice behind the camera says that decisions used to be easy. However, there comes the time, when you have to make a big choice. About life, death, love. The guy turns into a game’s character Joel, who is immersed into a hostile place. The spot is indeed overwhelming and makes you think of violence in the video games as an awful thing. However, the game is extremely violent!

Watch the spot and share your opinion about it with us.


Agency: 180 Amsterdam
Executive creative director: Al Moseley
Creative directors: Martin Terhart, Graeme Hall
Art director: Stephane Lecoq
Copywriter Martin Beswick
Producer: Bethany Papenbrock
Director: Minivegas
Executive producer: Brian Bourke

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