Sony Make.Believe Commercial

Sony Make.Believe Commercial

Sony has released new commercial for their Make.Believe campaign. This ad features a boy who takes a journey through Sony worlds that represent fields Sony is competing in. First the boy falls into Sony electronics lab then he appears in a 2012 movie, then in a computer game. Finally, he ends up on a stage in a Hey Monday band concert. With this commercial Sony is trying to show us that everything we can imagine can become true with help from Sony.

Advertising Agency: 180LA, USA
Executive Creative Director: William Gelner
Creative directors: Gavin Milner, Grant Holland
Executive Producer/Managing Partner: Peter Cline
Senior Producer: Tony Stearns
Account Director: Katrin Tenhaaf
Account Executive: Jacob Gentry

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  1. lisa drake at 11:16 PM

    Who is the kid in this commercial?

  2. SummerLee at 4:07 PM

    Is the boy in this commercial Luis Armand Garcia? The boy who plays Max on George Lopez show?

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