Sol Republic Commercial: Headphones for Cats

Sol Republic Commercial: Headphones for Cats

Sol Republic and advertising agency have released this incredibly amusing video promoting a cat phones!

The video is an infomercial style film that presents headphones for your cat. That is a real deal! Those phones do exist and they cost $999 per each. The money will be donated for ASPCA. As for that, it is really brave for the company to come with a line like “I even hate cats!” in the promotional video. But that is how the business works these days.

Check out the video and tell us what you think about it.


Client: Sol Republic
Agency: Rooster
Creative Director: Gavin McInnes
Director: Rob Gilbert
EP: Sebastian Eldridge
EP: Saxon Eldridge
CW: Phil Matarese
CW: Gavin McInnes
Production Manager: Kaitlin Del Campo
Editor: Alain Alfaro
Color: Blase Theodore

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