Sognid’oro Commercial: Don’t Drink and Drive

Sognid’oro Commercial: Don’t Drink and Drive

Sognid’oro and advertising agency DLVBBDO from Italy have released this awesome video spot recently.

The commercial is amazing and we have completely fallen in love with it! The camera glides in a quiet room and spots the toys all over the place. Suddenly, we see a toy-car, that has crashed in the middle of a room and a boy lying aside, not moving. Not to spoil the surprise, we will only say – see the spot yourself.

Watch the video and tell us if you liked it as much as we did.


Agency: DLVBBDO, Italy
Executive Creative Directors: Stefania Siani, Federico Pepe
Creative Directors: Andrea Jaccarino, Emanuele Viora
Art Directors: Andrea Jaccarino, Federico Pepe
Copywriter: Emanuele Viora
Account: Ilaria Castiglioni
Casa Di Produzione: Filmgood
Executive Producer: Emanuela Cavazzini
Producer: Stefano Renolfi
Regia: Igor Borghi
Fotografia: Gigi Martinucci
Montaggio E Postproduzione: Anteprima Video
Musica: Waltz a Leo Chadburn / Emi Music Publishing

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