Slurpee Advertising Campaign: Freeze the Moment

Slurpee Advertising Campaign: Freeze the Moment

New advertising campaign of Slurpee, titled “Freeze the Moment”. A Slurpee is flavored frozen drink sold by 7-Eleven.

“Freeze the Moment” campaign invites consumers to literally “freeze the moment.” It is clear that the brand knows that it is not possible, but no harm in trying. Slurpee launched contest in Canada, where consumers should shoot and upload your video showing how it would be the ideal setting for a frozen moment.

“A Slurpee Frozen Moment occurs when you’re enjoying your Slurpee and experiencing your Slurpee. It’s that moment when the Slurpee hits your mouth, and you indulge and escape in the refreshment. It’s when time stands still, and nothing else that’s happening around you matters except for the Slurpee.“ – said in campaign website.

There will be one Grand Prize awarded, consisting of $5,000.00, 365 Slurpee drinks and the winning video will be transformed into a new commercials of Slurpee brand.

Watch the video which introducing the contest below.

Also watch and first videos uploaded by users


Advertiser: 7-Eleven
Brand: Slurpee
Advertising Agency: Hot Tomali, Vancouver
Country: Canada

Production Company: FILMBratz Productions
Director: Randy Diplock
Creative Director/Art director: Thomas Stringham
Art Director: Patrick Chambers
Copywriter: Sebastien Wilcox
Producer: Hans Dys
Agency Producer: Sabrina Wagner
Post production: Lindisfarne Productions
Editor: Simon Morgan
Designer: Davinder Deo
Music + Sound Production: KOKO Productions, Chris Hobbs, Michael Koren
Account manager: Kyle Stewart

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