Skittles Commercial: Walrus

Skittles Commercial: Walrus

Skittles and advertising agency DDB Chicago have made this hilarious short video promoting the new product.

The spot takes place at the living room, where a girl and a walrus are eating Skittles and making out. Suddenly, other girl comes in – it seems that the walrus is her boyfriend. However, her roommate explains that it is not what it looks like. Just like the Skittles Riddles – their appearances are misleading.

According to the creatives, the biggest challenge was to make walrus look realistic. They made a great job, but the animal looks real, but it is animated, though.

Watch the funny video and tell us if you enjoyed it.


Client: Skittles Riddles
Advertising Agency: DDB Chicago
ACD/Copywriter: Kevin Goff
ACD/Art Director: Blake Winfree
Executive Producer: Will St.Clair
Assistant Producer: Jamie Gallant
Production Business Manager: Scott Terry
Production Company: Moxie Pictures
Director: Martin Granger
DOP: Barry Parrell
Producer: Heidi Soltesz

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