Skittles Commercial: Touch the Rainbow

Skittles Commercial: Touch the Rainbow

Skittles and their agency BBDO Toronto rocked at Cannes last year, winning a Gold Lion and a Gold Cyber Lion for the now famous “Touch The Rainbow” campaign. It consists of five different situations.

It is an interactive campaign. Its hilarious “Touch the Rainbow” concept asks you to touch the red spot on the desktop and see what happens. Cat licking your finger? Even better: cat’s owner licking your finger. Disturbing and yet funny.

Watch it, touch it, become part of an action.


Agency: BBDO Toronto
Client: Skittles Touch
Marketing: Dan Alvo
Marketing: Laura Amantea
Marketing: Julia Mauer
Marketing: Julie Leighton
ECD: Peter Ignazi
ECD: Carlos Moreno
ACD: Chris Joakim
ACD: Mike Donaghey
Art Direction: Mike Donaghey
Writer: Chris Joakim
Agency Producer: Jennifer Morrison
Director: Jeff Low
Prod. Co.: OPC
Editing: Posterboy
Visual FX: Swiss
Post Prod: AXYZ
Digital Production: Lunch/Pixelpusher
Music: Apollo Studios
Color: Notch
Illustration: SGL Studio

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