Short Film Festival Commercial: Leeroy Jenkins

Short Film Festival Commercial: Leeroy Jenkins

Worldwide Short Film Festival promotes itself by realeasing this video.

The short was made by a director Finn O’Hara. The video actually is a re-made classic viral video ‘Leeroy Jenkins’ into a short film. It features the bank robbers who plan a secret operation. Accidentally one of them, the supposed hot dog seller, ruins everything after a passenger asks him to sell a hot dog. He misunderstands the plan and hilariously runs into a bank, screaming and surprising the security guards.

Watch this funny video and get involved in the Short Film Festival.


Advertising Agency: Doug & Serge, Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Ian Schwey, Jason Buback
Art Directors: Ian Schwey, Cliff Seto
Copywriters: Jason Buback, Roni Gellert
Executive Producer: Michi Lepik-Stahl
Director: Finn O’Hara
Producer: Peter Oad
Production Manager: Laina Oad
Co-ordinator: Liam Couture
Art Director: Jeff Cowan
D.P.: Marc LaLiberte Else
Camera Operator: Rob Barnett
Camera: Michael Williams
DIT: Gavin Keen
Gaffer: David Patrick
Swing: Jesse McCracken
Key Grip: David Patrick
Buyer: Clint Roche
On set props: Mason Sabatine
Wardrobe: Melissa Shouldice
Wardrobe Assistant: Danielle Nietsch
Hair / Makeup: Olga Onulov
Sound Mixes: Dan Munro
Boom Op: Bob Rouse
Script: Catherine Taylor
VTR Operator: Gavin Keen
Production Assistants: Kyle Welton, Joel Kim, Jesse McCracken
Camera: Sim Video
Casting: Jigsaw

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