ShoesShoesShoes Web Video: Shoe Dating

ShoesShoesShoes Web Video: Shoe Dating

Shoes Shoes Shoes company and Kuala Lumpur’s creatives Ogilvy Action have launched this incredible video documenting the campaign “Get a pair of shoes and get a free man!”

This might sound like a joke but it is not. The “Shoe Dating” is an actual campaign run by the shoe brand. The store collaborated with a dating site to provide their customers not only with perfect shoes but a perfect match as well.

The men sign up on the dating website Lunch Actually. They pick out 20 different shoes and goes on a date with a women who buys them. The guys are even pledged to pay from 10 to 100 % of the shoes price. After the ladies buy their footwear they can see their date’s profile on the website and later go on an actual date.

Watch this amazing video and tell us if you would like to try the shoe dating.


Advertising Agency: OgilvyAction, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Regional Executive Creative Director: Daniel Comar
Creative Director: Nuno Lemos
Art Director: Ewan Yap
Copywriter: Kay Chin, Elissa Aziz
Designers: Elle Poon, Javen Tan, Wei Kit Fong
Managing Director: Mahesh Neelakantan
Account Manager: Syed Alwi
Regional Digital Planner: Gareth Ellen
Planner: Guillaume Pagnoux
Art Buyers: Vinod Kurup, Mandy Lee
Production Manager: Kiam Seng Koh

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