Shingo Annen Video: Then-n-Now

Shingo Annen Video: Then-n-Now

Director and writer Shingo Annen and A Good Baby Films have made this cute and beautiful film.

Shingo Annen, also known as Shing02, japanese rap artist and producer, have pulled off this catching story. The video features Samantha Rex and Jan Christiansen. The Attic Ends’ song „Out of Your Element“ is being played and performed by Samantha. The film compares how digitalized world has effected live communication between people. Clear, simple and true.

Check out the video and share your opinion about it.


Director and writer: Shingo Annen
Production: A Good Baby Films
Starring: Samantha Rex, Jan Christiansen and Jacques
Music: “Out of Your Element (live)” by The Attic Ends

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