Shiner’s Beer Commercial: Dominance

Shiner’s Beer Commercial: Dominance

Shiner’s Wild Hare Pale Ale and advertising agency McGarrah Jessee have made this naughty commercial entitled „Dominance“.

The video looks like a vintage 70’s TV show about the wild nature. Have no idea how real it is, but it is wild indeed. The man tells how the dominance between the hares is gained. For the demonstration he recruits Shiner’s beer bottles. The effect is very wicked, yet funny.

Watch it and have a good laugh for Saturday.


Agency: McGarrah Jessee
CD: James Mikus
CW: Kevin Dunleavy, Katie Brinkworth
AD: Ross Aboud, Jenna Moeller
Agency Prod: Meredith Saidel Roach
Prod Co: FUELD, Austin
Directors: Ben/Dave
EP/Head of Sales: Brady Anderton
EP/Head of Prod: Summer Finley
Producer: Erin Malloy
DP: Ben Hurst
Prod Design: Marcus LaPorte
Wardrobe: Lily Walker
Hair/Makeup: Meredith Johns
Edit: Ben/Dave
Color/VFX: Nick Smith
Audio: Corey Roberts, David Bewley/Pony Sound

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