Sharpie Prints: Choose Your Story

Sharpie Prints: Choose Your Story

Sharpie and advertising agency Giovanni+DraftFCB from Sao Paulo have released these funny and beautiful print commercials.

The images are made on various textures: the T-Shirt, paper, bag, jeans. Wonderful pictures are drawn with these pens. Sharpie enables you to make these artworks on the different surfaces. The title says: Choose Your Story. Leave your mark.

See the pictures below and tell us if you liked them.






Advertising Agency: Giovanni+DraftFCB, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Directors: Benjamin Yung Jr., Cassio Zanatta
Copywriter / Art Director: Adriano Alarcon
Illustrator: Rabiskeria
Photographer: Paulo Barros
Typography: Laura Texeira
Retouchers: Rodrigo Cortez, Fábio Vido
Art Buyers: Tina Castro, Gisele Miranda, Daniel Gonçalves
Account Supervisor: Nilton Bonini
Account Manager: Luciana Ribeiro
Planners: Pedro Cruz, Cinthia Kim, Pedro Schneider
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Jessica Gonzalez

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