Sharpie Commercial: The Wedding

Sharpie Commercial: The Wedding

Sharpie – the permanent markers – and the creatives from an Academy of Art University in San Francisco made this hilarious commercial called “The Wedding”.

The spot takes place at the church, during the wedding ceremony. The bride seems nervous. Behind her – the bride’s father – also looks very anxious and even angry. As the priest asks if she will marry the groom, she nervously answers: “I do”. The viewer still has not seen the groom. The intrigue is being perfectly kept till the last moment. And see yourself how it ends. It is hilarious.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Advertising School: Academy of Art University, San Francisco, USA
Creative Director: Steve Williams
Art Director: Edmund Boey
Assistant Art Director: Whitney Peterson
Copywriter: Zack Browne
Photographer: Jessida Putkaew
Director: Zack Browne, Tamara Turner
Director of Photography: Jessida Putkaew
PA: Norman Wohiren
Editor: Imani Grady
Published: February 2012

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