Secret Location Web: What are The Sevens?

Secret Location Web: What are The Sevens?

Secret Location and director José Avelino Gilles Corbett Lourenço have launched this amazing and mistyrious web trailer entitled „What are The Sevens?“.

The video features a young girl that is involved in a secret and strange activity. In her room the paranormal things are happening. They are beautifully expressed in a computer graphics.

The video presents an integrated film, game and mobile experience. We tried it. It was not very easy. But we enjoyed it a lot. You can get involved too by clicking the link:

Watch the video, get involved and tell us what you think about it.


Executive Producer: James Milward
Creative Director & Lead Designer: Pietro Gagliano
Technical Director: Ryan Andal
Project Manager: Ashlee Lougheed
Art Director: Stefan Grambart
Graphic Designer: Kai Salminen
Editing & Motion Graphics: Steve Miller
Assistant Editor: Michael Kazanowski
Web Developers: Gino Fazari, Michael Phan, Paul Stodolak
Music & Sound Design: Lodewijk Vos & Joseph Murray
Written By: José Avelino Gilles Corbett Lourenço & Secret Location
Directed By: José Avelino Gilles Corbett Lourenço
Director of Photography: Henry Less
Assistant Director: Billy Shand
Line Producer: Luke Bryant
Assistant Camera: Nick Giordano
Gaffer: Dave Lewis
Art Director: Michael Leach
Set DResser: Dylan Jackson
Sound Recordist: Edward Senkowski
Hair & Makeup: Margot Keith
Wardrobe Stylist: Sarah Millman
Production Assistant: Derek Modesto

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