Sea Shepherd Print Ads: Harpoon

Sea Shepherd Print Ads: Harpoon

Sea Shepherd and Brazil’s creative agency Heads have launched a shocking print ads campaign.

The campaign announces – predatory fishing doesn’t only threaten ocean life. The advertisements feature a bear and an egret, both pierced with a harpoon. The prints seek to draw attention that predatory fishing kills not only fishes but sadly makes extinct species that eat fishes.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) was established in 1977. It is international non-profit organization that conserves marine wildlife, protects ocean ecosystems and species.

See the prints below and tell your opinion about it.




Advertising Agency: Heads, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Chief Creative Officers: Flávio Medeiros, Luis Christello, Kike Borell
Art Director: Fernando Maciel
Copywriter: Leonardo Konjedic
Photographer: Manipula Studio
Published: May 2012

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  1. Dale Instone at 10:22 AM

    Disgraceful artwork that appears to make spearfishing look like a major cause of suffering for wildlife. Spearfishing is the most sustainable method of fishing used today. Zero bi-catch, and most fishermen never taking the legal bag limit of a species. This is very poorly thought out campaign material.

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