Schlage Commercial: Recommendation Commercial

Schlage Commercial: Recommendation Commercial

Schlage and advertising agency Young & Laramore have launched this funny video ad entitled “Recommendation Commercial”.

The video features a man. He is at home, telling about the Schlage key which he is using for safety. You see, this is the best protection against a burglary, he explains. Nevertheless, we can hear strange sounds of breaking glass somewhere in the house. Then couple of guys take out a huge clock. It turns out that this guy is also a thief.

Watch the video and find out what has actually happened there.


Advertising Agency: Young & Laramore, Indianapolis, USA
Agency President: Tom Denari
Executive Creative Director: Carolyn Hadlock
Creative Director: Bryan Judkins
Account Director: Brad Bobenmoyer
Senior Art Director: Uriaha Foust
Senior Writer: Scott King
Agency Producer: Amy Jo Deguzis
Creative Technologist: Luke Meyer
PR/Brand Action Strategist: Adrienne Bailey
Account Manager: Lucia Bayt
Media Supervisors: Shannon Quinn, Meagan Suttile
Production Company: Caviar
Executive Producers: Michael Sagol, Jasper Thomlinson
Producer: Onye Anyanwu
Director: Matt & Oz
DOP: David Jones
Production Designer: Rene Vas
Editorial Company: Butcher

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