Santec Commercial: Swing

Santec Commercial: Swing

Santec and advertising agency Serviceplan from Munich have released this hilarious video commercial the other day.

The spot shows a security camera footage. Santec’s security camera has detected a burglar, who is trying to break into a building. Suddenly, the lights turn on and unaware burglar is being banged into a wall. An invisible hand tosses him around pretty harshly. No remorse for the bad guys. You will like the ending.

Watch the spot and have a good laugh.


Agency: Serviceplan Munich
CCO: Alexander Schill
Client: Santec
ECD: Till Diestel
ECD: Friedrich von Zitzewitz
CD: Marc Vosshall
Production: Markenfilm
Regie: Benjamin Brettschneider
DOP: Felix Storp
1st AD: Viry Kem
Producer: Oliver Schertlein
EP: Johannes Bittel
EP: Cornelius Ronz
Assistant Producer: Lisa Hadeler
Production Manager: Daniel Behrendt
Technician: Johan Hochreiter
VFX Supervisor: Michael Welz
Post: NHB

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