Samusocial Commercial: A Woman’s Nightmare

Samusocial Commercial: A Woman’s Nightmare

Samu Social de Paris and advertising agency Publicis Conseil have launched this campaign called “A Woman’s Nightmare”.

The video shows a story about a homeless woman who gets into trouble at night. Two guys are chasing after her and she has the opportunity to be saved at the women Shelter. But only if it is not closed. Otherwise, she will face the cruelty and aggression against her.

Samusocial Women’s Shelter is the only such place in Paris for homeless women. Nevertheless, it is about to be closed. This video asks for your support. Only in Paris there is about 4086 homeless women that need help.

Watch the video and get involved.


Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France
International Creative Director: Véronique Sels
Art director: Bastien Grisolet
Copywriter: Véronique Sels
Agency Producer: Timothe Rosenberg
Production: Quad
Director: Frédéric Schoendoerffer
Producer: Martin Coulais
Editor: Stephane Couturier
Post Production: Digital District
Sound Producer: Olivier Guillou
Composer: Bruno Coulais

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