Samsung Video: We All Share

Samsung Video: We All Share

Samsung and advertising agency Leo Burnett have released this beautiful teaser the other day.

This is a trailer for Samsung’s global film “We All Share”. The brand has released an interactive campaign: you can participate in the project by tweeting posts or Instagram photos about what sharing is for you. The world premier is today!

Watch the video and get involved.


Agency: Leo Burnett, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Tutssel
Global Executive Creative Director: Shannon McGlothin
Global Creative Directors: Brandon Rochon, Adam Kennedy
Associate Creative Directors: Andrei Chahine, Ryan Stotts
Executive Producer: Matt Blitz
Producers: Keith Jamerson, Chance Woodward, Jennifer Dennis
Account Direct: Steve Bonnell
Account Director: Shelley Ong
Senior Account Executive: Deepti Ramakrishnan
Associate Account Executive: Cameron Zick
Music Director: Gabe McDonough
Production Company: B-Reel
Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors
Post Production: A52
Director: Miles Jay

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