Samsung Commercial: Hi, Hey, Hello

Samsung Commercial: Hi, Hey, Hello

Samsung Galaxy S 4 and director Joseph Kahn have launched this lighthearted music video.

The spot tells a story of a handsome young man. He is a student, who gets intrigued by his classmate. While he is trying to hit on the girl, The Chicharones’ song “Hi, Hey, Hello“ plays in the background. By the way, director Joseph Kahn is a multiple Grammy winner for video direction.

Watch the video and tell us if you enjoyed it.


Client: Samsung
Title: “Hi Hey Hello”
Release Date: 5/20/13

Agency: Leo Burnett USA
Executive Creative Director: Shannon McGlothin
Global Creative Directors: Adam Kennedy, Brandon Rochon
Producer: Keith Jamerson
Executive Producer: Jen Dennis
Account Director: Radim Svoboda
Account Director: Benjamin Haynes
Assistant Account Executive: Tom Jump Jr.

Production Company: HSI
Director: Joseph Kahn
Director of Photography: Chris Probst
Live Action Producer: Richard Weager
Production Designer: Charles Infante

VFX Studio: a52
2D Lead: Andy Rafael Barrios
2D VFX Artists: Cameron Coombs, Enid Dalkoff, Jesse Monsour, Bruno Parenti, Matt Sousa
CG Supervisor: Kirk Shintani
3D Artists: Joe Chiechi
Colorist: Paul Yacono
Roto Artists: Cathy Shaw, Robert Shaw, Tiffany German
Producer: Michelle Machado
Executive Producer: Megan Meloth, Jennifer Sofio Hall

Editorial Company: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Chancler Haynes
Assistant Editor: Dustin LaForce
Producer: Esther Gonzalez
Executive Producer: CL Weaver

Composer: The Chicharones
Final Mix: Eleven

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