Salvation Army Commercial: Ex-Valentine’s Day

Salvation Army Commercial: Ex-Valentine’s Day

Salvation Army and advertising agency WmcCann from Sao Paulo have released this beautiful video ad.

The slow motion video features a tie, which sings a sentimental song. Socks and undies support it with back vocals. A bed makes a nice stage for a performance. However, the romantic serenade is stopped by a guy, who throws the tie away. The video encourages to donate clothes.

Watch this amazing spot and tell us if you enjoyed it as much as we did.


Agency: WMcCann, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Washington Olivetto
Creative Director: Milton Mastrocessario
Creatives: Carolina Markowicz, Fabiano de Queiroz
Media planning: Paula Marsilli, Viviane Vela, Kauê Guerrero, Fernanda Oya, Giovanna Novaes
RTVC: Regina Knapp e Arlete Piccinini
Production Company: Vetor Zero Lobo
Film Director: Gabriel Nóbrega
Director of Photography: Beto Hacker
Animation: Paulo Pássaro, D. Lee
Post Production: Felipe Seixas
Sound Production / Soundtrack: Zeeg
Operation director: Vera Dreckmann
Graphic Production: Marcelo Hack, Marcelo Pinto, Ricardo Rodrigues
Art Buyer: Ricardo Lívio, Zizi Damasco
Illustrator: Pict Estúdio
Web Production: Funn-Digital
Account Service: Maximiliano Lacerda, Roberta Julianelli, Ronald Alaby
Project Manager: Julia Soares

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