Safeco Campaign: Marty and Edna

Safeco Campaign: Marty and Edna

Safeco and advertising agency Sponsorshop have released a funny campaign recently.

The short videos feature Marty and Edna – a senior couple, who is comfortable with a safe life. However, Edna cannot understand how their neighbors can lead such irresponsible lives. It is as if they are asking for trouble, with all those jet skis and fire in front of the house. Apparently, she hasn’t met the advantages of an insurance company.

Watch the videos and have a good laugh.


Agency: Sponsorshop, USA
Creative: Steve Behnke
Production Company: Gifted Youth
Director: David Tindale
Copywriter: Nick Wiger
Executive Producer: Josh Martin
Producer: Alistair Walford
Post Production: Therapy Studios
Executive Producer: Joe DiSanto
Producer: Allegra Bartlett
Editor: Kristin McCasey
Assistant Editor: Jake Shaver
Online / Color: Omar Inguanzo
Motion Graphics: Visual Creatures
Producer: Anne Cuizon Pendola
Creative Directors: Ryan McNeely, John Cranston

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