Ruff Haus Pets Prints: Dogs

Ruff Haus Pets Prints: Dogs

Ruff Haus Pets and advertising agency Doner have launched these two funny and cute print ads.

The prints feature funny looking dogs and humorous titles under the pictures. The first says: “Friends post messages. Best friends pee on posts”. The second says: “Whoever said you can’s choose your family never had a dog”. The dog lovers would definitely agree.

Ruff Haus Pets is a Premier Pet Store, based at the Lincoln Square, Chicago. They have a policy of treating pets like a family members. Therefore they serve their customers the best items for pets.

See the prints below and tell us if you liked it.




Advertising Agency: Doner, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Strasberg
Creative Directors: Jimmy Kollin, Karen Cathel
Art Director: Katie Gerdes
Copywriter: David Perea

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