Rocky Biscuits Commercial: British Biscuit Advisory Board

Rocky Biscuits Commercial: British Biscuit Advisory Board

Rocky Biscuits

On behalf of Rocky Biscuits, Mother London created the British Biscuit Advisory Board (BBAB). The BBAB act as a bridge between public and Government to promote the reputation of the biscuit and snacking sector, making the whole process safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

The British Biscuit Advisory Board, (BBAB), is dedicated to educating the public about responsible biscuit choices and promote safer biscuit eating practices.

As the voice of biscuits, BBAB aim to create a safer and more enjoyable biscuit experience for everybody.

The spots below illustrate some of safer biscuit eating practices.

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Education TV commercial – Teaching consumers the responsibilities of owning biscuit.

Always open Rocky in an environment with elbow space. Remember, Rocky tastes ace with elbow space!

Health TV commercial – Encouraging enjoyment through moderation

This TV advert is designed to help you understand how to eat biscuits as part of healthy diet.

Five Rocky Chocolate Biscuit Bars do not make a healthy meal. Remember Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, NO! Rocky, tomato, sheep, GO!

Quality Control TV commercial – Eat biscuits from the hand of responsibility

Storing Rocky with raw meats could lead to flavour problems. Remember, Rocky minus raw meat equals bon appetit!

Storage TV commercial– Advising on safe cupboard and biscuit tin management

Never store Rocky above room temperature. Storing at 17 degrees makes snacking a breeze. With 513 biscuit related injuries last year, theres no place for unsafe biscuit tin storage in 2010.

Released: September 2009
Advertiser: Rocky
Agency: Mother, New York
Country: USA

Agency: Mother, New York
Production Company: Blinkink
Director: Daddy
Producer: James Bretton
Editor: Daddy
Post Production: Golden Square
Audio Post Production: Factory Studios

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