Richmond Optometry Commercials: Get Your Eyes Checked

Richmond Optometry Commercials: Get Your Eyes Checked

A great new campaign Toronto agency Red Urban created for the eye clinics Richmond Optometry to show the importance of checking your eyes with appropriate professionals.

The idea is very simple – to see or not to see. Garden hose or snake? Eye drops or super glue? Mannequin or dead girl? Would you distinguish? The commercials demonstrate that not always it’s an easy task.

How did the agency come up with such a brilliant idea? Well, as always, the best inspirations come from the real life experience. “We all teamed up to come up with these, but really it’s about one of our writers who neglected to check his eyes for a number of years,” said Red Urban executive creative director Christina Yu. “He’d always be mistaking things like, ‘Why is that guy holding a pool cue?’ when it was a violin. So when Richmond Optometry came up, he was the best one for it. It’s pretty much a depiction of this writer’s life.”


Eye Drops



Released: November, 2010
Client: Richmond Optometry
Advertising agency: Red Urban Canada
Country: Canada

Creative Director: Christina Yu
Art Directors: Joel Pylypiw, John Thai
Copywriter: Jon Murray, Adam Bailey
Producer: David Isaac
Production Company: Untitled Films
Director: Wendy Morgan
Executive Producer: James Davis, Lexy Kavluk
Producer: Tom Evelyn
Director Of Photography: Brendan Steacy
Editorial: Rooster
Post Production Editor: Chris Parkins
Assistant Editor: Evan Salusbury
Rooster Executive Producer: Melissa Kahn
Telecine: Notch
Colorist: Gary Chuntz
Post Production: Track & Field
Flame Artist: Andrew Rolfe
Music/Sound House: Piratemusic
Sound Director: Stephanie Pigott

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