Ribena Commercial: Ribena Plus

Ribena Commercial: Ribena Plus

Makers of Ribena collaborated with M&C Saatchi and delivered this animated commercial.

The video features photorealistic characters created by MPC team. It documents how the Ribena famous berries fight the squirrel and woodpecker. The berry hero characters have this special shield wich keeps them safe. The same way they fight against dangerous factors to protect your immunity.

The advertisement is special because of the technology that was used to create a realistic fur and feathers. The berries are incredibly flexible. It is all achieved due to a Furtility software used by MPC.

Watch this unique ad and tell what you think.


Director: Peter Szewczyk
Agency: M&C Saatchi
Agency Producer: Ronae Rayson
Creatives: Orlando Warner and Morgane Alexandre
Production Company: Independent
Production Company Producer: Verity White
VFX Supervisors: Michael Gregory and Christopher Antoniou
VFX Producer: Scott Griffin
2D VFX Team: Michael Gregory, Sam Miesels, Kim Ranzani, Andrew Roberts
3D VFX Team: Felix Balbas, Nicolas Chombart, Tim Civil, Jama Djurabaev, Dominic Edwards, Fabian Frank, Raju Ganesh, Benn Garnish, Maurizio Giglioli, Henrik Karlsson, Prashant Nair, Inigo Roy, Nicolas Seck, Megha Thakar, Ting Yun Lu, Roberto Zincone
Telecine: George K

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