Reynolds Wrap Commercial: Meal Magic

Reynolds Wrap Commercial: Meal Magic

Reynolds Wrap and Euro RSCG from Chicago pulled off a new funny commercial.

The video introduces you a new hero – Reynold. He was made of the aluminum foil and came to the kitchen with his friends to save the meal day. The fun commercial features aluminum foil figures that secretly came to the kitchen. They are taking care of the food and making sure the dinner is fine and ready.

The advertisement is a cute stop-motion video designed and animated by LAIKA productions.

Watch the funny video and let us know if you liked it.


Agency: Euro RSCG Chicago
Director: Kirk Kelley
Client: Reynolds Wrap
Animation: LAIKA/house
Director: Kirk Kelley
Executive Producer: Lourri Hammack
Producer: Jenny Grayson
Production Coordinator: Jamie Pulliam
DOP: Chris Peterson
Live Action Director: Kirk Kelley
Editor: Steve Miller
Character Fabrication Lead: Katie Mello
Art/Stage Department Manager: Erica Johnson
Editorial Manager: Melissa Tvetan
Storyboard Artist: Joe Merideth
Art+Stage Manager: Erica Johnson
Art Department Coordinator: Tanya Smith

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