Rexona Commercial: Acknowledgement

Rexona Commercial: Acknowledgement

Rexona has just launched a new inspiring commercial together with a creative agency Ponce from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The voice behind the camera offers to talk about feet this time. It says that feet are the body part which moves the most. However they are the least acknowledged as well. The voice goes amazingly even with the images. It says, no matter how hard the feet work, the fame goes for others. And the images respectively show a ballet dancer, then – the actress who just got her palm prints taken.

Rexona promotes its new product – feet spray that would take care of the least acknowledged body part. The video is nice and beautifully made, it really makes you mind your feet.

Watch the commercial and tell us if you liked it.


Advertising Agency: Ponce, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Production Company: Park Pictures / Labhouse
Director: 300 ml
Executive Producer: Flora Fernandez Marengo
Producer: Maria Jose Garofali
DOP: Lula Carvalho
AD: German Zecchi
Production Designer: Julain Romera
Editor: Marcelo Moraes
Post Production: Che Revolution Post

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