Residence Inn Commercial: Giraffe

Residence Inn Commercial: Giraffe

Residence Inn and advertising agency mcgarrybowen from New York have made this funny commercial that features a giraffe.

The advertising campaign announces: It’s not a room. It’s a residence! The residence is so comfortable to stretch out and walk tall, as the voice behind the camera announces, that even a giraffe feels good in the hotel.

The commercial is really cute and received an approval from the audience. Check it out yourself.

See the video and tell us if you liked it.


Advertising Agency: mcgarrybowen, NYC, USA
Creative Directors: Rachel Howald, Ahmer Kalam
Art Director: Jessica Giles
Copywriter: Austin Hamilton
Producer: Kristen Ettinger
Director: Gerard De Thame
Head of Production: Roseanne Horn
Music Producer: Kate Urcioli
Global Managing Director: Russ Messner
Account Managing Director: John Campenella
Group Managing Director: Chris Greene
Account Director: Christine Leupold
Account Executive: Sam Straw
Business Manager: Denise Klapp

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