Reserva Commercial: Limonada Reserva

Reserva Commercial: Limonada Reserva

Reserva – the Brazilian retailer – has released the brand new and shocking campaign.

The menswear retailer was preparing for Christmas last month, when their festive mood was interrupted by a robbery. Instead of wining, the company has decided to use the footage and promote the sales at the shop.

Owner Rony Meisler said: „They stole my clothes and we stole their image. Complaining gets you nowhere, business is about doing things. Rather than suck lemons, it is better to make lemonade with them.“

The titles say:
It’s not necessary to break the window. Just come in! Inventory clearance: up to 40% off.
Jeans, Bermudas, polo shirts, tops.
Hurry! Why are people doing such crazy stuff for Reserva?

See the unusual video and share your opinion about it.


Client: Reserva

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