Renault Commercial: Doctor

Renault Commercial: Doctor

Renault and advertising agency Publicis Conseil from France have launched another video from its latest campaign.

The commercial features happy parents who are at the doctors office. He congratulates them and says it is a boy. As he starts to count the expenses this little guy is going to cost in upcoming 25 years, parents loose their excitement. Renault announces: You should always know in advance what you’re going to pay for.

Watch the funny video and tell us what do you think about it.


Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, France
Chief Creative Officer: Olivier Altmann
Creative Director: Olivier Altmann
Art Director: Alexandra Offe
Copywriter: Didier Aerts
Account managers: Edouard Pacreau, Claire Roy-Thermes, Aurélie Fretti, Adeline Blanc, Sophie Benkemoun
TV Production: Pierre Marcus, Nathalie Levincent / WAM
Director: Stephen Cafiero
Director of photography: Philippe Van Volsem
Production company: Partizan

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