Commercial: Kitchen Commercial: Kitchen and advertising agency Pereira & O’Dell have released a new funny campaign lately.

The videos promote a fast way to find a new home. Be the first to purchase real estate before someone else has bought it. The creatives depict four strangers, who suddenly meet in the same kitchen and cannot perform their casual activities without a disturbance.

Watch the video and have a good laugh.


Agency: Pereira & O’Dell, USA
Producer: Jessica Friedman
Executive Creative Director: Dave Arnold
Director of Production: Jeff Ferro
Senior Copywriter: Jake Dubbs
VP of Client Service: Gary Theut
Management Supervisor: Marisa Quiter
Production Company: Über Content
Executive Producers: Preston Lee, Phyllis Koening
Producer: Steve Wi
Director: Daniel Strange
Head of Production: Mamta Triveldi
Staff Production Manager: Adam Litt
Director of East Coast Sales: Cara Wenig
Line Producer: Donna Waxstein
Editorial Company: Fluid
Executive Producer: Laura Relovsky
Producer: Leanne Diamond
Editor: Heather Danosky

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