Ray-Ban Commercial: Russian Couple Discovers Crazy Insect

Ray-Ban Commercial: Russian Couple Discovers Crazy Insect

Ray-Ban and advertising agency Luxottica Group have made this bizarre yet funny commercial about a weird insect.

The video is very multicultural, uniting the American brand, Italian advertising group and Russian couple. It is a home-made like video which features a Russian couple. Guy is shooting their adventure in an old house where they discover a giant bug that turns into a strange insect. The girl screams “God!” and the boy suggests it must be an alien.

Watch this original ad and share your opinion about it with us.


Advertising Agency: Luxottica Group, Italy
Live Action / Post Production: Gentleman Scholar
Location: Santa Monica
Directors: William Campbell, Will Johnson
Director of Photographer: Matthew Lloyd
Executive Producer: Rachel Kaminek
Producers: Tyler Locke, Elizabeth Newman
Technical Director: Henry Foster
Lead 3D Animator: Damon Snyder
Lead Compositor: Matt Lavoy
Modeling: Andy Kim
Rigging: Vinh Chung
Editorial Company: Whitehouse Post
Location: Santa Monica
Producer: Kristin Branstetter
Editor: Steve Prestemon
Assistant Editors: Clarke Rives, Matthew Prouty
Sound Design / Mix: Chris Winston, On Music & Sound

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