Range Rover Commercial: The Scent

Range Rover Commercial: The Scent

Range Rover Evoque and advertising agency Y&R from New York have released this awesome video spot recently.

The commercial features a guy, who has found a lost scarf. He gives his dog to smell it and then follows him with Range Rover Evoque through the narrow and bundled streets of an old town. In the end he finds a lady, who has lost it. The driving was performed in a close territory, and although it can not be repeated, it looks really cool.

Watch the spot and tell us what do you think about it.


Agency: Y&R, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Jim Elliott
Group Creative Director: Marc Sobier
Creative Director / Art Director: Adrien Bindi
Creative Director / Copywriter: Greg Farley
Account Directors: Kathy Stahler, Allison Rice
Account Executive: Hannah Park
Planning Director: Tara Fray
Account Director: Keith Rhodes
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Dante Ariola
President: David Zander
Executive Producer: Scott Howard
Line Producer: Natalie Hill
Editorial: Peepshow / No. 6
Editor: Andrea Macarthur
Assistant Editor: Adam Longo
Producer: Mark Sitley
Post: Smoke & Mirrors
Music: Rumor Mill
Composers: J. Ralph, Arthur Pingrey

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  1. Steve Claypool

    Just curious what breed of dog that is in the commercial? I’m fairly knowledgable about dogs…I’m guessing this is a mix of some sort. He or she is very cool!

  2. zippy

    My wife says it is a Dane, as we have one. I say its not. Please help us figure this out.

  3. Sachiko


    This page says the dog is a pointer. It makes sense, because she is pointing when she sees the woman on the stairs. I have a dog looks just like the dog in the ad, and he is a pointer mix. Some people have mistaken him as a Dane puppy!

  4. BriBri

    It’s definitely got a face like a Dane, in my opinion – but it could definitely be part Pointer – just not pure pointer (German Shorthaired Pointer) anyway. The “GSP” has the ticking pattern on its body.

  5. Lisa

    It’s a plott hound.

  6. Von

    Lisa is right. This is a Plott Hound. Slender, athletic, fearless hunting dog used for originally for hunting boar and bear in Germany. Now used in US primarily as a high-end coon dog. White mark on chest and tip of tail also marks this as a Plott.

  7. Puppy

    It’s a black English Pointer.

  8. Valerie

    It’s a black German shorthair pointer without the docked tail. Not all GSPs have ticking. Mine is black with very little ticking and looks just like her except for the tail (mine has the docked tail).

  9. Mike Plott Owner

    I believe it is definitely a Plott Hound–roughly 55-60 pounds, ears, head shape and posture and tail are all right for a female Plott. I have owned two males over the years, and I feel strongly about this.

  10. dave williams

    The dog appears to be a black lab/greyhound mix. We have one,the dog in the commercial looks like its twin. Fast, smart and obedient.

  11. Nate

    Love the commercial! What’s the name if the song from Rumor Mill?

  12. Jennifer

    Too bad the scarf didn’t belong to a little, old lady, THAT would be funny.

  13. Packard

    The dog is a female, black and white, Great Dane sans the cut ears.

    I not only own one, but mine, (right down to the splash of white on her chest) could pass as a sister of the Range Rover female. Needless to say, they are wonderful animals that need a steady handed owner and ample room to run.

  14. Vincent

    Purebred pointer (English pointer). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Solid_black_pointer.JPG

  15. Tim

    It’s definitely a young Great Dane. Look at the head in profile at the beginning of the commercial–it’s unmistakable if you know Danes. Also the long legs and long skinny tail give her away. I say the dog is young due to its smallish size and rambunctious temperament. Older Danes are lazy.

  16. anna

    I have to agree with the dog being black English pointer. It has a very characteristic face with two parallel straight lines for the top of head and the nose with 90 degree drop between them.

  17. Carol

    Not a pointer, it is a Great Dane in the beginning of the commercial. I believe they use a second dog at the end that does resemble a pointer, or have computer enhanced the Dane to make it look like it is pointing.

  18. Keith

    I breed Danes…this is absolutely not a Dane. I know the dogs trainer and it is an English pointer.

  19. Gavin

    Hi all, so now that we’ve figured out the dog prop, does anyone know the exact brand and pattern of the scarf prop!? My wife seriously wants one and I need to identify it! thanks!

  20. Gail


  21. Ali

    Definitely English Pointer. I’ve owned them for 40 years. I hope this commercial doesn’t cause over-popularity of the breed and ruin it. They’re great dogs!

  22. Kings mommy

    According to the range rover people, and an interview they did on Facebook, the dog is a female pointer named foscha from the Czech Republic.

  23. Gary

    I’ve owned and rescued Great Danes for over 20 years. I have never seen a young or old Dane go in point. I don’t see how that dog could be a young Dane. I also don’t think the Plott has that square of a head and the black really doesn’t look like the coat on a pointer.
    Does a boxer point? Could it be a Boxer Dane cross? Definitely a good looking dog with a friendly demeanor.

  24. Britt Lover

    Same dog throughout the entire commercial. Black English Pointer, for sure.

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