Ramon Rubial Fundation Commercial: Flags

Ramon Rubial Fundation Commercial: Flags

The Ramon Rubial Fundation is a Spanish organisation which is helping all Spanish emigrants. This Fundation provides with all kind of help like administrative work or information campaigns. The following commercial is an example of such information campaign aimed at Spanish people living abroad. But, then again, the message of this campaign is suitable and appealing not only for Spanish people.

This commercial has a simple goal – to inform people that if you get into drugs abroad, that country could become your prison. The execution of this idea is simple yet very clear. A man is running and trying to overcome various obstacles, which also happen to be national flags of different countries, until he finds himself in a place with no escape.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Spain
Creative Directors: Oscar Alcaraz, Napi Rivera
Art Director: Javier Lorés
Musician: Alex Ferrer
Producer: Diana Belmonte
Animation: Bloody Mary Films

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