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Villa Cani Pet Center Prints: Funny Pets

Villa Cani Pet Center and advertising agency Morya from Brazil have released these funny prints recently. The images feature pets, who are being “tortured” by their masters. Whether they are being dressed with a princess costume, bathed or simply petted too much, they suffer. At least take care of their health, the pictures suggest.

Hyundai Prints: Dogs

Hyundai and advertising agency Y&R from Bogota have released new print campaign recently. The images promote a vehicle with a luxurious interior, covered with cushions. A very good news for you and your pet. No more stockings on you dog.
Whiskas Prints: Work it Kitty!

Whiskas Prints: Work it Kitty!

Whiskas and advertising agency DDB from Chicago have released this funny prints campaign. The images feature cats, who are working out! Usually these enigmatic creatures are lonely explorers, who walk around whenever they want, wherever they want. However, Whiskas healthy cat treats Temptations makes them try and work for it.

Foot Locker Prints: Collection

Foot Locker and advertising agency BBDO from New York have released these hilarious prints. The campaign explores the bizarre habits people practice. Everyone knows somebody who collects the weirdest things. And then their apartments look like a warehouses, filled with things no one needs. Just look at these collections of clown and elephant figurines or birdhouses. However, it would look just fine if that were shoes!

Orbit Prints: Smiles

Orbit White and advertising agency Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO from London have made these funny prints. The images promote Orbit White gum, which makes your teeth shiny and white. In fact, they are flashing against the photographers, whose lenses are all blinded in front of these smiles.

Schweppes Prints: Iggy Pop Schweppes

Schweppes Lemon Dry and advertising agency China from Madrid have released a very funny campaign recently. The black and white images feature rock'n'roll legend Iggy Pop. The superstar appears in the pictures and demonstrates the dryness of the soft drink by making funny faces. It turns out that Schweppes might be too Schweppes!

Perrier Prints: Bubbles

Perrier and advertising agency Ogilvy from Paris have released these funny prints. The cartoon images represent a funny comics type of story. They feature people saying mean things to others and the latter are simply saying „Thank you!“. The brand claims that small bubbles make it easy to swallow.

Mylanta Antacid Prints: Meteorism

Mylanta Antacid and advertising agency JWT from Australia have released these funny prints. The images promote tablets, that help digest better. Therefore, the creatives have pulled off these hilarious images of people, suffering from meteorism. See what inconveniences it causes and puts people in the hysterical situations.

Alka Seltzer Prints: Evil Food

Alka Seltzer and advertising agency BBDO have made these funny prints for their campaign. The images feature food, that suddenly has become evil. It is out there to get and hurt you! So beware. The brand offers its pharmaceuticals to ease digestive problems.

Tabard Mosquito Repellant Prints: Draculas

Tabard Mosquito Repellant and advertising agency Volcano from Johannesburg have released these amazing prints recently. The images feature the vampires: Vlad Dracula, Count Dracula and Nosferatu. All will suck your blood, if you won't use the repellant. The pictures are very stylish: black and white, and very gothic as the characters themselves.

Penguin Prints: Headphones

Penguin Audiobooks and advertising agency McCann Worldgroup from Mumbai have released a funny print campaign. The cartoon images present three best writers: Oscar Wilde, William Shakespeare and Mark Twain. All three are curled up into a headphones shape – just to whisper their incredible stories into your ear!

Berlitz Prints: Speak Like a Native

Berlitz Language Center and advertising agency Hakuhodo from Jakarta have released these funny prints. The images feature people, who have learned other languages at Berlitz school. They are so good at it, as if they are in a foreigner's skin.

Boecker Public Health Prints: Mice

Boecker Public Health and advertising agency JWT from Dubai have made these funny prints. The campaign promotes cleanliness provided by Boecker Public Health. As opposed to that idea, the creatives have pulled off the hilarious pictures of mice, living comfortably at some houses.

Tolnaftate Cream Prints: Gross Footwear

Tolnaftate Cream and advertising agency DM9-JaymeSyfu from Philippines have released a funny print campaign. The creatives have pulled off a shocking campaign to promote an anti-fungal cream. Unpleasant problem – unpleasant prints, however, really funny. The creatives encourage to take off that gross footwear.

Garnier Fructis Prints: Beards

Garnier Fructis and advertising agency Publicis from Zurich have released this funny print campaign. The images promote shampoo and therefore depict gentlemen with their perfectly shampooed beards! The campaign has already earned Gold so far!