Pringles Commercial: Tribe

Pringles Commercial: Tribe

Pringles and Mexico’s creative agency Grey have just launched this hilarious commercial promoting the tasty snack.

It is one and a half minute short. Very interesting video which starts with the note that it is an authentic scenes shot by a famous anthropologist. He is researching the culture of Latin America’s tribe and its habits. One of them is especially interesting: a few members’ hands are kept from growing big. So that later they would be able to get a sacrament: take one Pringles chips from the narrow box. “What they don’t know that you can eat Pringles like this”, the anthropologist says and pours chips on his palm. And see what happens when he ruins the sacred ritual.

Watch the funny video and tell us what you think about it.


Advertising Agency: Grey, Mexico
Creative Director: Breno Cotta
Copywriters: Esau Vazquez, Sergio Fernandez
Art Director: Ricardo Montes

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